Tailoring Workplace Benefits for Generation Z

Generation Z is now entering the workplace in full force and has already influenced dynamics and expectations of organizations. Gen Zers, born between 1997 and 2012, are searching for jobs with promises of personal and professional growth, mental health support and financial security. Here are four ways you can attract and retain Gen Z talent in your workplace.

1. Make mental wellness a priority.

Securian Financial recently did a study on workplace benefits and found a significant majority of Gen Zers (73%) utilize mental health benefits provided by their employers. This statistic shows just how important communicating and providing mental wellness support is from employers. Prioritizing mental health support for your employees will keep them happy in their professional and personal lives.

Some offerings employers can provide employees with are mental health coverage, counseling sessions and grief support. It’s also important to make these benefits stigma-free and accessible to all, emphasizing confidentiality to eliminate fear of professional repercussions.

2. Support financial wellness.

In the same survey mentioned above, 48% of Gen Z employees noted their financial well-being has an “extreme” impact on their mental wellness. One way to support your Gen Z employees is to offer financial wellness programs in your benefits package. Student loan repayment programs, financial counseling and advice on investments and budgeting can help ease the stress on employees and contribute to overall job satisfaction.

3. Create a flexible work environment.

Work-life balance is extremely important to Gen Zers. Members of this generation highly value flexibility and collaboration in the workplace. If you want to attract and retain Gen Z talent, offering flexible adaptable work hours and remote work options is a great way to do so. 

Though they do prefer remote work and flexible hours, Gen Z also crave collaboration and social interaction among coworkers. If you can provide a platform for the sharing of skills and socialization, your Gen Z employee will thrive. 

4. Build purpose.

Continuous growth is important to Gen Z workers. Career advancement is something they search for in the job hunt more so than any other generation. Organizations must develop a culture that aligns with growth, wellness and collaboration values important to Gen Z talent if they want to hold onto employees of that generation. 

Providing opportunities for career advancement, development of skills and volunteerism that aligns with their personal and professional growth goals are vital. These elements help make the workplace not just a workplace, but a space where Gen Z employees can thrive and align their careers with their broader life purpose.

To attract Generation Z employees, employers must understand and address their unique needs. More and more Gen Zers are entering the workforce, so the sooner you can tailor your organization to this generation, the more hiring and retention success you can achieve.