Easy-to-navigate 24/7 self-service

portal for employees.

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24/7 Access

HR information, benefit
enrollment and onboarding.

Put employees in the driver’s seat with our easy-to-navigate self-service portal.

Your employees gain 24/7 access to HR information, benefit enrollment and our paperless on-boarding.

Empower your employees by keeping them in the loop regarding benefits, compliance or company communications

Our employee self-service portal provides:

Easy Access to HR information

Intuitive Benefit Enrollment

On-the-Go Mobile Access

Paperless On-Boarding

Empowered Employees


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Peace of mind. That’s what you get when you join CanopyNation. As part of CanopyNation, you’ll know that your benefit plan is taken care of – the pricing, the plan, the service. You have enough on your plate already, so delegate your benefits to us.