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When you join CanopyNation, you gain an advocate and trusted
advisor for your auto liability for your trucking company.

Healthcare: the forefront of our consciousness today

Benefits are important – your employees want more from their benefits packages.

And you want to retain your talent and attract new employees. At CanopyNation, our sole focus is employee benefits. This enables us to give your company the custom package you need and the support your people and HR team desire.

We’re here to help you invest in the future – for the well-being of your people and the success of your company.

There’s a void in the marketplace. The trusted benefits advisor has been missing.

While healthcare coverage continues to evolve in the United States, becoming more complex each year, insurance brokers – the bridge between the insurers and company benefits packages – haven’t evolved.

National and regional banks are focusing on their top and bottom line growth, many times at the expense of their customers. Private equity is focusing on driving shareholder value, instead of customer value. Direct sales teams for voluntary benefits providers are hard selling their customers into coverage their people don’t need, and many times can’t afford. Brokers focus on gaining commissions, not providing the best products and services.
Our focus as an employee benefits advisor allows us to bring additional value to you – something you don’t get with a national carrier or local broker.

Our model

As a bridge between your people and insurance providers, we can customize plans to deliver a unique insurance offering designed specifically for your company and your people’s needs.

This enables us to deliver as much value as possible in the plan that protects your people.

Isn’t it time for your benefits and HR management to catch up with the rest of your company?

With CanopyNation, you gain end-to-end benefits administration software that allows you to offer an extensive benefits package without more benefits administration work.

Streamline employee management, empower employees and improve employee communications with our modern, always-on web-based software.

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When you join CanopyNation, you become part of a partnership, a member of
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