Determining a health benefits strategy for a multi-generational workplace

Determining a health benefits strategy for a group is challenging as it is. When you add different generations in the mix, each with differing priorities, it can feel impossible to please everyone. Health benefits are a large factor in employee satisfaction, so getting your strategy right is vital to your organization. Here are a few ways that can help you determine a plan that’s right for your multi-generational employees.

Determine your demographic.

According to UnitedHealthcare, 19% of the workforce are baby boomers, 36% are Generation X, 39% are millennials and 6% are Generation Z. Each generation comes with their own unique preferences for care and health issues. Every organization is different, but a good first step is determining who makes up the most of your office’s population. If you have more baby boomers, know they will want quality care and cost, while if you have more Gen Z employees, they will want more cost-effective, digital options. 

Survey your office.

Everyone wants to be heard and feel seen, so your human resources department can go directly to your employees and ask what is most important to them in a plan and what they could deal without. There are many facts and charts on the internet that show what employees by generation are looking for in a plan, but you won’t know until you ask. Around 80% of an organization’s health care spending goes toward medical and pharmacy benefits, so be sure to do your due diligence in asking your employees about those. 

Promote health.

Being proactive in your employees’ health is a more cost effective and beneficial approach. Examples include providing yearly reminders for wellness checkups, investing in a wellness plan, giving employees mental health days or educating them about living a healthy lifestyle. A preventive approach is something each generation can benefit from!

Go digital.

Technology in the medical field is more prevalent than ever. Though Gen Zers prefer digital tools like telehealth services when it comes to their health, most generations are now familiar with digital services. Look for features that are easy to use and accessible for all and you can satisfy everyone’s needs.

We know choosing the right plan can be a complicated process. Our experts at CanopyNation are equipped with the tools and knowledge to help you choose a plan that best suits your organization’s needs. Reach out today to get started!