4 Steps to Managing Mental Health at Your Organization

Supporting your employees and their mental health is something that a successful organization prioritizes. It’s important to remember that mental health is just as important to maintain as physical health. Healthy employees mentally and physically are beneficial to the whole organization. Mental health issues can lead to lack of concentration, loss of interest and mood changes, which can ultimately affect work performance and attendance. Taking care of your employees’ mental health requires major culture shifts within your team. Here are ways to begin your journey to becoming an empathetic advocate to your employees.

  1. Create a supportive foundation. Make sure that any mental health initiatives are aligned with your organization’s core values, goals and ethics. Evaluate your team culture to see if there are any workplace factors that may overwhelm workers and potentially lead to burnout. Let your employees know that you and the organization are there for them, and be able to guide them in the right direction when it comes to maintaining their mental health.
  2. Focus on reducing stigma. Normalize discussions surrounding employee mental health. Consistently communicate to employees that getting help is a sign of strength, not weakness, and you’re there to support them. Speaking freely about mental health resources and simply informing your employees about ways to seek help will deem extremely beneficial in the long run.
  3. Make it possible for employees to get help. Go beyond just talking about helping employees. Facilitate ways for employees to get help so you will be equipped to address mental health issues effectively when they arise. Consider standardizing a procedure for managers to follow when mental health situations present themselves. Creating a plan for these scenarios shows your team that the organization truly prioritizes their mental health. 
  4. Promote your intentions. You will see a change in the workforce when you promote support for employees’ mental health. Employees who know employers are there to support them will be more likely to be transparent when they experience mental health struggles, which will help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible. Publicizing your support will encourage employees to come forward with their needs.

No one is immune to mental health challenges. Employees who feel seen and supported are less likely to experience mental health issues, miss work or fall behind on their performance. Many even grow trust toward their companies and feel proud to be a part of the team. There are several employee benefits and perks available that can create a positive culture that prioritizes your team members’ mental health. Contact CanopyNation today to learn more about available resources.